About Julie-Ann Amos

Julie-Ann Amos is a world-leading expert on personal change - and the architect and voice behind each “digital pill” at Limitless Labs.

She is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and hypnotherapist, and is widely considered one of the foremost authorities on advanced NLP protocols and conversational hypnosis.

Julie-Ann was originally trained by leading figureheads in the NLP and hypnotherapy world, including John LaValle, Joseph LaValle, and Jonathan Altfeld. She also worked alongisde Dr Joseph Riggio for several years.

Julie-Ann is also a successful author, with dozens of best-selling books behind her name – and is the hypnotherapist behind the internationally-acclaimed Hypnosis Live site.

She currently resides in Gloucestershire, England, with her partner and two dogs.

You can listen to a sample of Julie-Ann's soothing voice by clicking to preview any of the sessions on the Limitless Labs website.