Photographic Memory
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Photographic Memory
Digital Injection, in MP3 audio format
19 minutes

Would you like to enjoy perfect memory recall?

Is it finally time to ditch your forgetfulness, and acquire the elusive superpower of a photographic memory?

Maybe you’ve used repetitive memory apps or flashcards to help train your brain. Perhaps you've begun writing things down to help information ‘stick’.

Stop. There’s a better way.

A method of rapidly increasing your ability to memorize anything, and enjoy perfect recall of even complicated data -- all without making any conscious change to your daily routine.

All you need to do is take a ‘digital injection’ once a day, for a week.

Introducing Rekoshot-1.

What is Rekoshot-1?

Rekoshot-1 is a ‘digital injection’, guaranteed to help improve your memory, fast.

To ‘take’ the injection, you just listen to a simple 15-minute audio.

This audio contains the active ingredient Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and specifically follows the powerful ‘Advanced Hypnotic Command’ protocol, encoded by NLP master practitioner, Julie-Ann Amos.

The audio uses NLP to ‘rewire’ your thinking patterns, allowing you to automatically ‘record’ your experiences in detail, and recall it all on-demand, even years later.

So, when you meet someone new, you'll immediately commit their name to your long-term memory.

And when you next read a book, you'll have the full contents safely memorized in your head.

Deep Change for a Better Memory

It’s time to upgrade your memory and put an end to forgetfulness.

No more trying to recall that elusive fact from the back of your mind. You’ll suddenly be able to access practically anything you’ve read, heard, or seen. All without ongoing repetition or burdensome study.

You’ll experience all the incredible benefits of Rekoshot-1 from the first day you use it, including:

  • Enjoy a strong photographic memory, with perfect recall
  • Ace exams, improve productivity, and increase career prospects
  • Remember the detail that everyone else forgets!
  • Memorize long pages faster, make mental notes that stick
  • Access greater detail from your favourite memories

Remember: You don’t need to make any conscious change to your lifestyle to begin seeing the benefits of Rekoshot-1. Simply take the ‘digital injection’ and see the gains for yourself.

Ready to get started?

Click below to discover Rekoshot-1 for yourself.

Suggested dose: Listen once per day, for one week. Take additional top-up doses as required.

Techniques used: Advanced Hypnotic Command protocols, paired with Visualization and Metaphor. This audio also incorporates Anchoring; Submodalities; Feeling Amplification; Hypnotic Language Patterns (including Ambiguity, Fractionation, Embedded Commands, Linkage Language, Process Language).

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Photographic Memory
  • 19 minutes
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